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We Have The Perfect Lens For You!


Antigonish Optical has a large selection of contact lenses that you can choose from. We offer everything from disposable daily lenses, to monthly lenses and even tinted lenses. No matter what your level of prescription, we have contact lenses that will work for you.

Daily Contact Lenses


Daily contact lenses are intended for use when you're awake, and are to be removed when you go to sleep.

Monthly Contact Lenses


Monthly contact lenses can be worn for a more extended period of time. Depending on the material you prefer, you can wear these contacts for anywhere between 6 and 30 days without removal.

Reorder Contact Lenses

Please call us at 1-902-863-3780 to reorder your contact lenses as fast as possible. Please note you must have a prescription with Antigonish Optical before you place your order.

If you don't have an existing prescription, please contact us.

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